Catering with a Unique Style

"Catering with a Unique Style!"

Since we first opened in 1995, the tag line for Lifestyles Catering has always been, "Catering with a unique style!" We often get the question, well, what is that "unique style?" Over the years I have fumbled with answers such as, "excellent service", or "fantastic food". But through the years, the answer to that question has become apparent;  we specialize in filling special requests, especially special diet requests.


Back before the turn of the century, when planning a menu for a catered function a lot of thought and energy went into the meat menu. Did all the elements blend, did all of the flavors compliment and balance one another, did the courses play well with each other. When we had gotten these details just right the "Vegetarian Plate" was usually an after-thought. It usually ended up to be pasta with a tomato sauce and steamed vegetables. But now days this type of menu planning would go over like a a dropped wedding bouquet!


A recent study published in Vegetarian Times shows that 3.2 percent of U.S. adults or 7.3 million people self-report as being vegetarian. But assuming that all vegetarian meals are the same can lead to some very unhappy guests. People who have chosen an alternative to a meat based diet will be anywhere on the continuum between Pescetarian, (one who doesn't eat meat, but will eat fish,) through Lacto-Ovo, (no animal flesh but does include dairy and egg products in their diet to Vegan, (consuming NO animal flesh or products).


I remember back in the ‘90s, a request for a wedding menu that was totally Vegan. At that time it took quite a bit of thought and energy to pull together a menu that met this request. Now after years of experience, writing a vegan menu that celebrates the bounty of the field and garden is almost second nature. Putting our Chef's experience to good use and borrowing from the cuisines of the world gives us options like slow simmered vegetable ragu's and spicy, satisfying South Asian curries, a far cry from the pasta with tomato sauce and vegetable dishes that used to pass as vegetarian options.


Other special requests such as gluten free, lactose free and foods to avoid because of allergies are easily accommodated. This is handled by our Chef and Event Designers who are very familiar with the components that are in all of the menu items we offer and having the creativity to work around and make substitutions for ingredients that we need to avoid.


So when we say Lifestyles Catering is "catering with a unique style!" we are really saying that meeting special requests is our specialty and this is what gives our catering that unique style.


I just wanted to write to thank you and Lifestyles Catering for making our wedding so special. Every single one of our guest RAVED about the food. The food, of course, was simply delicious, but what really impressed Mark and I was your staff. Everyone was so polite, courteous, responsive and helpful. Lawrence made Mark and I feel like a King and Queen. And the staff was so efficient and prompt. We really cannot say enough about Lifestyles catering.

-Katie, Mark and Maya

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